At Lysne Wagoner Creative you and yours are #SeenHeardLoved

What you do

Hire Lysne Wagoner Creative if you need to bring multiple teams, places, or communities together digitally, virtually, and in-person.

What we do

Engineer solid identities, voice brands, generate brand guides, set strategy, ideation workshops, research, analyze, and translate information.

What makes us unique

Our Core Ethical Tenants (CET) allow us to be a motivating member of your vendor team.

  • Alignment
  • Communication
  • Discretion
  • Equity
  • Iteration
  • Voice
  • Vision
  • Reflection
  • Respect
  • Invitation
  • Declination
  • Transparency

Our Identity

Lysne Wagoner Creative is a Design Cooperative (LWC-DC.) A Design Cooperative of artists and designers that model a diverse and inclusive system that supports their talents collectively and individually to create engineered design solutions for organizations, educational institutions, and businesses.

Identity Engineering

Lysne Wagoner Creative engineer identities that become sustainable as their own energy source for your work community.


Lysne Wagoner Creative uncovers your authentic voice by listening to and reflecting with you to discover your identity.


Lysne Wagoner Creative works is uncovering your vision while we find your authentic voice.