Engineer your Identity to sustain and motivate your communities.

To be #SeenHeardLoved Jake & Johan remove our biases to produce your engineered identity. In our process, we construct and facilitate clarifying sessions that provoke your authentic identity. Being seen, heard, and loved is not always an agreeable space. Lysne Wagoner Creative (LWC) practices artful diplomacy and discretion motivating you and your team to authentic powerful delivery of your brand mission. Bring Planet, People, and Profit into balance.


Johanibe is Johan’s individual thoughts and their study of Identity Markers.  They discuss their interaction with written, spoken, and unspoken social contracts and the impact of professional and social contracts on communities.


Johan Lysne

Johan Lysne uses his unique training an understanding of voice in tandem with Jake in Lysne Wagoner Creative to build a culture that sustains itself by motivating the community members to include others in the experience. Broadening the experience of the culture invites others to participate and germinates diversity.


Jake Wagoner

Jake Nathaniel Wagoner’s vision is to create space and experiences for people to be present at the moment. In company with Johan, Jake sees your identity to deliver images and art assets that accomplish your lofty ambitions. Keeping those ambitions in the forefront with murals and art direction that sustain all members of your community.


Nathaniel Art

Nathaniel’s art is his inspiration. Nathaniel envisions a more equitable world where kindness grows with nature. Jake cherishes his art by using his middle name to model #seenheardloved for his children, family, loved ones, and fiends.